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USA Shopping Service

The shopping service is back on for online orders only!
As of September 2010, I am putting the shopping service on hold since I will be moving to another city.
As of December 2008, I have decided to start offering a USA Shopping Service.

FYI: I am a high school girl used to buying and selling through the internet. I live near Seattle, WA. I have feedback on ebay.
I speak English fluently, Mandarin Chinese semi-fluently, and some French.

For ALL orders, please send an e-mail to periwinkle_twinkle[at]hotmail.com !
Please only use comments for a general question such as about stores or to say that you have sent an e-mail.

12.5% of total order cost + shipping (you can discuss with me your preferred method)

How a Shopping Service Works:
- Send an e-mail with the item(s) you want. Please be as informative and specific as possible, and include website links to the item(s).
- I will reply with invoice and commission fee. After payment, I will go out and buy the item(s).
- Then I will send you a shipping invoice. (Each time shipping will be different, you can discuss your preferred method with me. At the moment I plan to weight the items first so I can give you the accurate shipping cost, and then ship it out.)

I prefer to do everything through paypal (no cc...yet) but depending on each order I may accept postal money orders.

*If the item is sold out by the time you have paid, I can see if it is available online, or I will refund you in full.
*I also do AUCTIONS but you can ask me about those procedures.
*If you ask for any special services, I may ask for you to pay additional fees.

I know most of these stores offer international shipping but hey, it's up to you. ^__^
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